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The main demand for wheat comes from human consumption. In fact, over two-thirds of wheat produced globally is used as food. It contains many vitamins and minerals which make it a staple food product. It’s used in premium bread making, general purpose bread making, biscuit and cake making, and as animal feed.Although foodstuffs represent the main use of wheat, it also has several alternative uses. The gluten and starch present in wheat make it elastic and able to bind water. This makes wheat useful for products like:

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The most popular and one of the best quality wheat is the Sharbati wheat, a speciality of Madhya Pradesh. Our Sharbati Wheat is organically grown without any use of chemicals and pesticides. Sustainably processed to retain its purity, natural colour and taste. Hence, contains more vitamins, proteins and fibres. Makes delicious Soft Rotis, Lachha Paratha and Aate ka Halwa.

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