Verth Beeswax Wrap

Verth Beeswax Wrap


Food Wrapping And This is reusable and washable

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wraps come in two sizes (8″x8″ & 12″x12″) for multiple uses like wrapping fruits, vegetables, roti, sandwiches, cheese, and a lot more.The Verth Bees Wax Wraps are a sustainable alternative to single-use cling film and foil paper. Beeswax is naturally antibacterial and breathable, so when combined with our other ingredients the wraps keep food fresher for longer. They look beautiful and smell great too. Use it to cover utensils by sealing them with the warmth of your hands.Wash with cool or lukewarm water and mild soap if needed, hang it to dry and reuse. Warm or hot water will melt the wax. Also, avoid placing hot food in the wrap. It’s recommended to use a set for about one year before replacing it. this product weight :- 22gm

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