Kosher Salt

Kosher Salt

875 / Kg

for seasoning dishes during or after cooking • for curing or smoking meat, for pickling and brining

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the difference between kosher, table and sea salt, youâ€re not alone! Koshering salt usually referred to as kosher salt, is a variety of edible salt which has much larger grain size than some common table salt. Kosher salt is often recommended by TV chefs because it has a less intense and purer, salty taste and because itâ€s easier to pick up the crystals and toss them into the pot! It has no iodine additives as the usual salt, it is lighter and cleaner other than ordinary salt and tastes less salty. The traditional use of kosher salt is for removing surface blood from meat by desiccation, as part of the koshering process for meat.

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