Horseradiesh Powder

Horseradiesh Powder

4736 / Kg

Horseradish powder is typically used in dishes that do not require cooking as heat can degrade its flavor. It is often used to flavor mayonnaise or sour cream, thus turning them into pungent dipping sauces. It can also be added to creme fraiche to make a sauce that can be served with roast beef.

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A terrific flavoring agent for nuts, dry fruits, soups or marinated veggies. It is the dehydrated form of Wasabi or Japanese Horseradish. Wasabi was first cultivated in early Edo period and was initially consumed as a seasoning for sushi during the Bunka/Bunsel era. Lack of refrigeration and distributation, people started dehydrating & grinding wassabi, thus wasabi powder came into being. Application: Wasabi is utilized as a condiment with sushi. It is also employed with hummus, mayonnaise and guac. Apart from the Japanese cuisine, it can also be exploited as a topping on a salad or used as the coating for a sauteed fish or type of meat.

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