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Pure Guajillo Stemless/Descolado Dried Chiles: This should be a seasoning staple in your kitchen! They’re not too overpowering, but give a delicious mild to moderate sweet chili spice flavor to your dishes.Premium Chile Guajillo for Flavorful Cuisine: Add depth, aroma and bold taste to your tamales, enchiladas and mole!Grind for Guajillo Chile Powder: Crush then shake into homemade hot sauces and creamy entrees and sides for a powerful punch of savory-sweetness.

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common and popular chili peppers grown and used in Mexico, and a beloved pepper used in Mexican cuisine. It is mild to moderately hot, and has dark, reddish brown, leathery skin. The peppers range from 3-5 inches in length and are 1 inch wide. They are said to have either a green-tea flavor or fruity flavor, with hints of berries.

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