Desi Ragi

Desi Ragi

148 / Kg

Aside from being a panacea for practically every illness bothering the internal organs in the body, ragi flour also enhances the external appearance by revitalizing skin and strengthening hair. This is chiefly owing to its amazingly high amino acid content and potent antioxidants. Moreover, the slightly coarse attribute of ragi flour makes it a wonderful exfoliating agent, that completely removes dead cells from the face, body and scalp, apart from providing a refreshing look and radiant glow to skin and hair.

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Are you someone who has been looking for a healthy food option, but without compromising the super-awesome taste of your daily food? If so, then look no further and say hello to pro nature’s range of 100 percent certified millets – a perfect combination of health and taste. Barnyard millet has one of the highest fiber content amongst all the grains. Kodo millet is helps to keep your type II diabetes under control. Ragi has one of the highest calcium content amongst all grains.

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