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Its strong aroma and distinctive taste, ajwain is used in small quantities as part of the tadka for many dishes, especially dals and vegetables.It goes well with chutneys, raitas, snacks, chaats, vegetables, and in curries, and may be combined with turmeric, paprika, cumin, fennel, and coriander for a flavorsome masala.

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Ajwain Whole(Carom Seed) is sourced from the best farms. Catch Ajwain Whole(Carom Seed) are dried under strict observation preventing any sort of contamination. The packaging contains 100 g of Catch Ajwain Whole(Carom Seed). Ajwain adds flavour to the food and is majorly used in all the Indian cuisines. The strong flavour of Catch Ajwain Whole(Carom Seed)helps in complementing other spices like Hing and Red Chili. In Ayurveda. Catch Ajwain Whole(Carom Seed)is sourced from the Best Farm.

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