Our focus is on scratch made food using truly nourishing fresh, organic product from plants and local farms to amazing in-house herbs connotation all prepared daily.


Green Smoothie ₹120
Berry Blush ₹220
Cacao & Peanut Butter Smoothie ₹180
Frozen Smoothie Bowl ₹250
Royal Greens ₹150
Coco Aloe ₹150
Ayurvedic Booti ₹220
Brain Booster ₹130
Aloe & Wheatgrass ₹80
Lemon Ginger & Turmeric ₹60
Berry, Mint & Honey ₹80
Wheatgrass ₹60
Masala Tea ₹60
Filter Coffee ₹80

We have done a lot of work on it to make sure it caters for all dietary requirements and has lots of ingredients and elements that nourish and heal your mind and body.

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