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Yoni pads are made from 100% organic cotton and have a fully compostable bio-plastic backing to keep them in place. The super absorbent cotton feels light and soft against your skin for your most chemical-free period.

We believe all women and people should know what their most intimate products are made from. That’s why we list our ingredients on the pack. This sounds normal, but unfortunately, it’s not the standard. By leading the way at Yoni, we hope other companies will follow suit.

May be an image of saddle-stitched leather, footwear and text that says 'Comfortable Periods are just a click away! Y'

Periods are a reality for half of the world’s population. But somehow, they still make for an uncomfortable chat. We want to start a proper conversation about menstruation so that women and people everywhere feel just fine when it comes to talking periods.

Is your period organic yet? Did you know that organic cotton products are better for the environment than conventional cotton products? One reason for this is that it takes 91% less water to grow organic cotton than conventional cotton. All Yoni tampons, pads and pantyliners are made from 100% organic cotton!

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